Concert Percussion

Concert Percussion

  Concert Bass Drum

  Professional Concert Marimba

  Professional Concert Toms

Professional Concert Bass Drum Model ACBD4018
  • 40" diameter with 18" depth
  • 9 ply maple and mahogany shell
  • Triple Chrome plating
  • Self aligning lugs
  • All wood hoops
  • Heavy duty claw hooks
  • Heavy duty suspended swivel stand
  • Large heavy duty casters
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Professional Concert Marimba Model MM4.3
  • Melhart marimbas feature a newly formulated synthetic bar material for the best possible performance in all environments.
  • These bars have unprecedented warmth of tone for a synthetic material and a wood like appearance
  • Precision tuning methods ensure the highest level of tonal consistency.
  • The 5 octave marimba has 7 graduations and the 4 1/3 model has 5 graduations.
  • The MM5 features offset arch resonators with gold finish, while the MM4.3 has straight resonators.
  • The MM4.3 has mechanical height adjustment and 8" pneumatic wheels.
Professional Concert Toms
  • MCTT6+MCTT8 (6"x8" + 8"x8") on Stand

    MCTT10+MCTT12 (10"x10" + 12"x10") on Stand

    MCTT13+MCTT14 (13"x11" + 14"x12") on Stand
  • Dual Head
  • 7 Ply Maple Shell
  • Triple Chrome Plating
  • Black Lacquer Finish
  • Remo Heads
  • Triple Flange Hoops
  • Heavy Duty Suspended Stand
Vibraphone #MV37
List Price: $3,900.00
Our Price $2,995.00