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Powered Speakers

Powered speakers, also known as self-powered speakers and active speakers, are loudspeakers that have built-in amplifiers. Powered speakers are used in a range of settings, including in sound reinforcement systems (used at live music concerts), both for the main speakers facing the audience and the monitor speakers facing the performers; by DJs performing at dance events and raves; in private homes as part of hi-fi or home cinema audio systems and as computer speakers. They can be connected directly to a mixing console or other low-level audio signal source without the need for an external amplifier. Some active speakers designed for sound reinforcement system use have an onboard mixing console and microphone preamplifier, which enables microphones to be connected directly to the speaker.
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American Audio ELS15A Active 15" 2 way Speaker
Regular Price: $229.95
Our Price: $169.95
American Audio ELS15BT Active 15" PA Speaker w/bluetooth
Regular Price: $279.95
Our Price: $199.99
Behringer 1000w 15" 2-way Powered Cab #B115W
Regular Price: $613.50
Our Price: $409.00
Samson D18000 18" Powered Subwoofer-500w RMS-1000w Pk
Regular Price: $959.99
Our Price: $699.99
Stagg SMS12P
Regular Price: $439.99
Our Price: $349.95
Stagg SMS15PUSA 220 Watt Bi-Amp Powered Speaker
Regular Price: $499.99
Our Price: $399.95
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