Instrument Storage Cabinets

Instrument Storage Cabinets

Melhart Band & Orchestra Instrument Cabinets

Storage Cabinets Specifications

Sides and Back -- Constructed with ¾" industrial particle board with a thermally-bonded finish.  All exposed front edges are bonded with PVC plastic for greater durability.

Shelves -- Constructed of vacuum formed 0.250" ABS plastic. Features Dura-color and longitudinal ridges for the most durable shelf ever. The shelves are securely attached to each side each cabinet with bolts or screws for durability, eliminating the possibility of the side of the cabinet being pried apart. Large shelves have a metal frame under the perimeter for additional support.

Acoustics -- An optional acoustic treatment to reduce room noise is available. Add "A" to the model number.

Doors -- All individual storage shelves have separate doors for each compartment made of cold rolled 5/16" steel frame with 3/16" vertical rods. All joints are thermally fused and doors are entirely powder coated. Heavy-duty, five-knuckle, tamper-proof hinges attach the doors to the cabinet. Wood doors are optional at no additional charge.

Latches -- All door latches have a sliding metal handle that accepts a pad lock in order to secure the door. Latches are designed in such a fashion as to prevent the latch handle from catching onto an adjacent door when opened the full 180°. Additionally, the latch and keeper are designed to prevent pinching fingers when closing the latch.


Levelers -- All units can be leveled with threaded, adjustable, ½" levelers on each of the corners.

Fastening -- Units are securely bolted together with a ¼" x 2" Shoulder Allen bolts fastened into metal inserts on adjoining sides. Shelves are securely fastened to the side of the cabinet. Doors and latches are bolted through the cabinet for superior holding power.

Color -- Cabinets are available in the standard colors of Almond, Gray, Black and Cherry. Doors are available in Almond, Gray, Black, Hunter Green, Red, White and Blue. Custom colors are available.

Assembly -- All units come fully assembled unless requested. Unassembled units come with all components, hardware and instructions.

Warranty -- Storage cabinets have a ten year warranty against manufacturer's workmanship and materials.

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