Audix Microphones

25 Years of Excellence
Audix, a wholly owned American Corporation, was founded in 1984 in Redwood City, California. Moving to their home base in Oregon in 1991, Audix is a shining example of what can be achieved when a vision is fuelled by imagination, passion, persistence, and hard work. Audix is one of the most recognized microphone companies in the industry, consistently raising the bar in the pro audio world with innovative, award-winning products.

Microphones built to last a lifetime

At a time when most companies are tending to outsource their labor and manufacturing, Audix built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an emphasis on R & D, automation, and CNC machining equipment. This not only enables Audix to control the quality of the products from start to finish, it allows for continual improvements and enhancements as new materials and processes become available. While the process of capturing acoustic sound waves and converting them to electronic impulses is very complex and difficult, Audix always strives for the simplest and most elegant solutions. This is apparent from the design and performance of products such as the OM-Series, the D-Series, the Micros, the i-5 and the SCX25A.

Performance is Everything

This simple phrase captures the essence of Audix. When an artist or engineer enters the recording studio or hits the live stage, Audix considers our microphones to be a part of the performance. We thank those of you who own and use our microphones and we hope you will appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into making your product.


Audix Bass Drum Mic #D4
List Price: $219.00
Our Price $169.00
Audix Bass Drum Mic #F6
List Price: $149.00
Our Price $129.00
Audix Bass Drum Mic Black #D6
List Price: $255.00
Our Price $199.00
Audix Cardioid Condenser Mic #F9
List Price: $159.00
Our Price $129.00
Audix Hand-Held Vocal Mic #OM2
List Price: $109.00
Our Price $99.00
Audix Instrument Mic #I5
List Price: $119.00
Our Price $99.00
Audix Vocal Mic #OM5
List Price: $195.00
Our Price $159.00
Audix Vocal Mic W/switch #F50S
List Price: $65.00
Our Price $59.00