LAG Guitars

Lâg’s Tramontane (Trah-mon-tahn) line includes steel string and nylon guitars in both acoustic and acoustic electric. The Tramontane guitars are distinguished by their use of fine woods, quality craftsmanship and finishes, radial edge bindings, and their exclusive DirectLâg and StudioLâg preamp/pickup systems.

Korg created the first electronic hand-held tuner in 1975, and remains a leader in tuning technology. Highly accurate, the AW-2G simply clips to the instrument’s headstock, using a vibration sensor to detect the pitch.


LAG Tramontane Auditorium - T100ACE
List Price: $700.00
Our Price $499.99
LAG Tramontane T66DCE
List Price: $419.99
Our Price $299.99