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Violins & Violas

The Violin is the smallest, and is therefore the highest in pitch. It is also the most popular. It is played with the instrument under the chin while sitting or standing, and its small size makes it easily transportable. The Viola is very similar to the violin, only slightly larger, and slightly lower in pitch. It may be played while sitting or standing, and it's tone is regarded as mellow and sweet. Like the violin, it is easily transportable.
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Carl De Luca Viola 15.5"
Regular Price: $2,850.00
Our Price: $1,900.00
Loretti Violin VIO-300 4/4 #VIO300
Regular Price: $1,295.00
Our Price: $906.50
Ming Jiang Zhu 903 Violin 4/4 Strad Style
Regular Price: $2,895.00
Our Price: $1,999.00
Prestigious Violin 4/4 Spider #511068ZS
Regular Price: $695.00
Our Price: $395.00
West Coast Strings Violin Peter Kauffman #PK250-VN
Regular Price: $1,485.00
Our Price: $1,350.00
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