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Instrument Storage Cabinet Color Options

Melhart cabinets are built to order and allow you to be creative with your color choices.

Racks, workstations, and folios come in eight standard color options:

[Walnut, Gray, Pebble, Almond, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Black]

Instrument storage cabinets come in four different customizable categories.

Panel color: The outside and inside of the cabinet in your choice of the seven standard colors.

Edging: This is the PVC protectant along all edges and bottom part of your cabinet.
Color choice for these include: Cherry (to match cherry panels), Black, Gray or Almond.

Shelves: Melhart's ultra durable 0.125" ABS plastic shelving comes in three customizable colors:
Almond, Gray or Black.

Grill Doors: Melhart cabinets come standard with 3/16" vertical bar (with 5/16" frame" doors. With this you have some more room to be creative in colors; you can do blue, red, purple or green to match your school's colors. (*possible Custom color up charge) Or you can stick to the stand classic look to Almond, Gray, Black.

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